25 februari 2023 12:00 t/m 15:00

 Acid Solder Club / Hof van Cartesius 

 Vlampijpstraat 94, 3534 AR, Utrecht

Always wanted to build your own Modular Eurorack Synthesiser from scratch? Eurorack DIY makes you able to design and build your own synth system on a budget and how cool is that?! Soldering and tinkering on existing circuits, make up your own modules and design your own synth is possible for every artist, musician, scientist and hobbyist . In this workshop you will learn everything you need to know to get started! 

Join the Acid Solder Club Intro to DIY Eurorack workshop and learn; 

– How to start building your own case and rails
– Where and how to buy and source components for your modules
– PCB, Protoboard build and DIY Kit resources and how-to’s
– What modules to build first and where and how to look for (cheaper) Eurorack alternatives, like making your own custom patch cables (with led’s!)
– Learn and master your soldering skills for future builds and what to look out for when soldering kits.
– A mountain of insider tips and tricks from a modular DIY builder that you can’t find online!

During this workshop, we will dive into the topics mentioned above with some theory and mostly examples. We are also building the first Eurorack building block together, the PSU! (Power Supply). Because without power we can’t modulate anything! This gives you the opportunity to work on your soldering skills and confidence to order en build future DIY kits yourself. Besides soldering the PSU, there will be free re-claimed materials available in the workspace to build your own case, or you can purchase a 3U Acid Solder Club custom one of a kind Lasercut Eurorack Case during or after the workshop for a fair price. 

Workshop Price is €85 and includes:
– Frequency Central DIY Kit “Speak Truth To Power” (€65, excl. send costs)
– 9V DC Adapter (€10)
– Workshop time and preparation, and use of soldering materials and workspace equipment

Only 5 places are available! So be in time to signup! 

This will be part of a multi-workshop series on Modular DIY, in future workshops we will also build VCO’s, LFO’s and other modules. Let’s get Soldering!


4 Maart 2023 Time TBA

 Acid Solder Club / Hof van Cartesius 

 Vlampijpstraat 94, 3534 AR, Utrecht

With Roald van Dillewijn and Acid Solder Club!

More info and tickets coming soon!

Link to the Acid Solder Club Ticketstore


Weird Sensors and Tactile Interfaces

Meet Up evening on December 16

  • December 16 2022 – 19:30 – 23:00.
  • Hof van Cartesius, Vlampijpstraat 94, Utrecht
  • Location: Acid Solder Club Workspace
  • Free Entrance, Bring your own Project!

During this get-together we will present different projects from DIY sensor makers who create their own flexible sensors, embroidered push buttons and strange touch interfaces, used for live audio and/or visual performances and installations.

If you don’t have a tactile interface yet, but you make sounds, visuals or installations that can use a weird interactive sensor, join us! You can use soldering stations for free and get components from us (on donation) to build your own tactile sensors. Or swing by to get some electronics sensor help, inside tips & tricks or meet some new fellow DIY’ers in your local community!

There will be sensor examples and installation demo’s that you can interact with and see what kind of tactile interfaces you want to build next!

December 16, 2022
19:30 – 23:00, free attendance.
Drinks and snacks available w/ cash.

Sounds Like Touch presenteert: Workshop Electronics & Tactility door Michelle Vossen en Veerle Pennock (Acid Solder Club)

Textiel of kleding gebruiken om vette elektronische kunst mee te maken? Michelle Vossen en Veerle Pennock dromen ervan! E-textiles bieden de mogelijkheid om zachte aanrakingen, knijpbewegingen of stretchende breisels om te zetten in data. Door met stroomgeleidende garens elektronische circuitjes en componenten te maken (bijvoorbeeld door te borduren of te breien), kun je vervolgens fantastische dingen aansturen zoals geluid, licht en beweging. Ontwerper & maker Michelle Vossen en soldeer- & hardware-expert en tevens oprichter van Acid Solder Club Veerle Pennock bieden je een toegankelijke instap in de wereld van elektronica. In deze walk-in workshop leren ze je verschillende textieltechnieken zowel met de hand als machinaal (o.a. een punchcard knitting machine!) die je daarna zelfstandig kunt toepassen om je eigen zachte sensoren, weerstanden en andere componenten te maken.

NB: geschikt voor alle niveaus en achtergronden!

Sounds Like Touch ontwerpt nieuwe, fysieke elektronische instrumenten om de performance van elektronische muziek tastbaar (en daardoor) zichtbaar te maken. Ze brengt hiervoor professionals uit verschillende vakgebieden samen om experimentele prototypes van nieuwe, tactiele muziekinstrumenten te maken en op het podium te brengen.


Work of Michelle Vossen:

Other stuff I’ve been doing:

Techno Jam session w/Modulation in Studio Pandora 06/05/2022 hybrid event with Boris Skorpio, Sendepause, Coen Barrier, Pjotrr, Dan Graveyard & Veerle Pennock, and Allert Aalders! Livestream available for re-watch online via Facebook.

Modulation – Tivoli the Helling 25/03/2022 Live Semi-DIY Modular and Visuals with video feedback and mixers/effects

Moving Downstairs [ recalibrated ] Grey Space in the Middle – The Hague – October 2021. You enjoy the recording of the evening with my live video performance accompanying sound artists Elvis Hi-Man and band Glice on the grey space youtube page:

Past shows and gigs:

> Acid Solder Sessions - Soldering and Hardware Hacking Meetups in workspace Utrecht montly events 2022.
> Gaudeamus Festival 2022- Sounds Like Touch presenteert: Workshop Electronics & Tactility door Michelle Vossen en Veerle Pennock (Acid Solder Club)
> Dutch Modular Fest 2022 (03-09) Host of the Workshop DIY Area - and  live set with DIY modular synth and visuals.
> Techno Jam session w/Modulation in Studio Pandora 06/05/2022
> Modulation@ The Helling 25/03/2022 - DIY modular synth and live visuals
> Moving Downstairs [Recalibrated] - Grey Space in the Middle - 2021
> UICF Online Festival Livestreams 2021 - Sound/Livestream tech
> Utrecht International Comedy Festival (UICF) Videowall - 2020
> Live VJ set at Club WAS "Nachtdigital X WAS" - Utrecht 2019
> Soldering and Hardware Hacking Seminar - HKU Utrecht 2019
> Utecht International Comedy Festival (UICF) Videowall - 2019
> Live Visuals for "Mantis Festival" - Utrecht 2019
> Live visuals for "Drop the Milk" Creative Coding Utrecht - 2019
> Acid Solder Club talk at Sensorlab/CCU - Utrecht 2019
> Acid Solder Sessions #1 & #2, Utrecht 2019
> Acid Solder Club Jamsessions "Beers&Bleeps" - 2019
> VJ set w. Picture in Picture(PNP) - Het Magazijn festival weekender 2018
> VJ set Picture-in-Picture(PNP) - Night/Shift Rotterdam 2018
> VJ set (PNP) at Borderlines#3 Club Pip - Den Haag 2018
> Live visuals with Rec.Play (KABK) at iii for "No Patent Pending" The Hague - 2018
> VJ set (PNP) at "Happening Spaced/Out w. Malbetrieb" Pip Den Haag 2017
> Video Synths Set at "Borderlines #2" Pip Den Haag - 2017
> Teaching in Tokyo " Circuit Bending and Arduino Course" ARTEZ GDA Summer Sessions - 2017