Hi! I’m Veerle, and I love taking electronics apart and rarely put them back together again! Fascinated by the innards of apparatus and machines and what makes them tick, I build and invent various devices and instruments in the field of creative electronics, mostly within art and sound.

For me working with electronics is something to share with others, both the great times when projects are thriving and lively beeping, and the frustrating times when electronics seem unable to be fixed or projects are left on the shelves. The internet provides a lot of open source knowledge and community platforms such as forums, but for me I believe strongly that it cannot fully replace real physical human interactions. That’s why I’ve started Acid Solder Club, currently residing at the Hof van Cartesius in Utrecht, to create a workspace where the local community of Utrecht and beyond are able to meet up via meetup events, follow beginner and advanced workshops for young and old, and join electronics jamsessions to meet each and share our common interest.

Not all makers and designers are able to get access to the right tools and apparatus for soldering and working with electronics from their home, so therefore I’m always updating the workspace to fit more with the needs of its visitors. Besides providing a better work environment, my mission is to get all the awesome nerds out of their attics, challenge artists and musicians to learn new technologies and skills, and to get kids and students to build their first circuits. Let’s get soldering!

Besides building electronics and organising events via Acid Solder Club, I’m also a workspace manager and teacher for the “Blackbox”, workspace for Creative Technology at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (HKU) in Utrecht, and also work at Medialab at Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam.

You can find more of my personal work such as my music and live video works on my Soundcloud and Youtube page.