Acid Solder Club was founded by electronics and soldering freak Veerle Pennock in 2019 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It started with an idea and wish for creating a new type of maker space with more focus on DIY electronics, hardware hacking, sensors and interaction, electronic instruments and interface design, and of course most important: soldering!

Acid Solder Club’s aim is to be a communal playground, where through various meetups and workshops, knowledge and skills regarding soldering, (DIY) electronics and much more can be shared amongst the community. From hermit hobbyists, young and old, beginner and advanced, artists and musicians looking for a new technological skills to conquer and master!

Acid Solder Club is a place where we try to work on a peer-to-peer learning environment and support system together, where there is not one teacher just ‘sending signals’ outwards, but to build a strong community system where we can learn from each other.

Check out the Event page for upcoming Acid Solder Club events!

We have a Discord community where we share inside knowledge about the current projects we are working on, share how-to’s and tutorials and update each other about upcoming events to visit together!